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Our Goals

Our goals for all the children who are in our care focuses on:

Social Development

To Learn About Others:

Establishing trust with known caring adults

Developing responses to others feelings with growing empathy

Learning to be a member of a group

Emotional Development

To Learn About Self:

Learning to regulate their own behavior

Managing your own feelings

Developing and utilizing personal care skills

Cognitive Development

To Learn About the World:

Learning to sustain attention

Understanding objects & how they can be used

Using problem-solving strategies

Engaging in pretend play & creative projects

Language Development

To Learn About Communicating: 

Developing receptive & expressive language skills 

Participating in meaningful conversations

Enjoying books and being read to 

Showing awareness of pictures and prints

Experimenting with drawing and writing 

Reading predictable text patterns

Physical Development

To Learn About Moving: 

Demonstrating basic gross motor skills

Demonstrating basic fine motor skills

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